Thursday, December 20, 2007

Internet Queen

I love the internet. Love it. I seriously don’t know how people lived without it for so long. I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. I’m the queen of internet research, too. Want to purchase something and don’t know where to find it? Bam! I’ll find you a site dedicated to that one thing, a local store that carries it, or I’ll find it on eBay for you. Want to perform research on some obscure topic? Bam! I’ll get you hundreds web sites for your study.

What I am really obsessed with on the internet (and in real life, too), are clothes for The Boy. Not just any clothes. I like special clothes; things that are either really cute, not just stripes, plaids, and jeans, or things that are unique, that I know other kids will not have. Now places like like Gap, Gymboree, and department stores with name brand items are in style and financially fitting for most budgets, and this makes finding cute things easier and easier. So now the challenge is to find unique items. Sometimes this takes a little effort, but usually it just takes a little more money.

I’m going to review the sites that I’ve purchased from before and then also list sites that I know of but have not ordered from before and give them reviews based on how easy it is to use their web site (and perhaps make a few purchases along the way).