Friday, December 14, 2007

Letter From Santa

My mom, in all of her wondrous Grandma glory, had the grand idea to send The Boy a letter from Santa. So I pick up the mail yesterday and inform The Boy that he has received mail. At this point it doesn’t matter if it’s a pre-approval application for a credit card. If it has his name on it, he’s ecstatic. He (literally) rips open the envelope and I read the letter in my “story telling” voice. Once he realizes who the letter is from, his eyes are filled with wonder and anticipation. We ask him if we can do the things that Santa asks of us in this letter, like put carrots and cookies out for the reindeer, and if his friend Peter (a cat from Build-a-Bear) can sit by the fireplace waiting for Santa. He says, “I think so!” And then he says, “I want to wait up so that I can see Santa and Rudolph!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Santa only comes when he’s sleeping. I love that he believes with everything that is in him and the overflow of excitement. Good job, Grandma. Thanks!