Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Geographically Speaking

Occasionally, we try to expose The Boy to things other than video games. For example, he has a puzzle of the United States. He knows a lot of the names of the states and he can do the bigger states on the puzzle on his own. And really, who knows what they talk about at school. I can barely get him to tell me what he had for lunch, let alone pry any information out of him about his educational experience. But I was truly unaware of the extent of his knowledge of geography until The Man recently told me this story:

While getting ready one morning, The Boy and The Man are watching The Weather Channel. Doppler radar shows green near where we live and shows pink to the northeast. The Boy knows that green means rain. He asks The Man, “What does pink mean?” The Man tells him that pink means snow. So The Boy steps up to the television and points to a blue lake on the Doppler map where it was showing pink and he says, “It’s snowing in Lake Tahoe.” He was right! I couldn’t believe it when The Man told me.