Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey Dad; Let's Gross Out Mom!

One of The Boy's favorite things to do is gross me out. I'll make a great big deal out of something that I don't even find too gross just to hear him giggle. Sometimes I'll even start it and then get grossed out when he keeps it up.

I learned about an educational concept called scaffolding where you teach children to expand on a concept. I try to incorporate disgusting things into the scaffolding so that it doesn't seem so much like learning. Hopefully I am not cancelling out the benefit of scaffolding by being disgusting.

Normal scaffolding is basically having kids use their imaginations. If The Boy says they discussed exercise in class, I ask him to tell me about the exercises they learned, ask him to make up his own exercises, ask him the benefits of exercising, ask him how animals exercise, ask him if trees or cars can exercise, etc.

Gross scaffolding would be to say that swimming is exercise. What if we went swimming in a pool of potty? And that's where it starts. He thinks up anything he can relating to exercise and pairs it with some sort of bodily function. And I scream loudly in shock and disgust and hope that his brain is growing smarter.