Monday, January 7, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

Everyone who was sick or knows someone who was sick over the holidays, raise your hand. Okay, you can all put your hands down. Now that we have established that everyone was sick over the holidays and I’m not special, I’m going to tell you how it was so awful that I was sick over the holidays.

We went to lunch with some friends the Sunday before Christmas and I had a chicken pita thing that I always have. I felt fine but started burping Sunday afternoon. Then on Christmas Eve, we drove to the Bay Area to visit my aunt and her family. I sat in the back seat so that I could entertain The Boy by reading books, playing games, and watching a movie. I have done this many times before and I have been just fine. When we got there I felt a little funny but disregarded it. I ate the great lunch that my aunt prepared for us. Then I really started to feel funny so I went to the restroom, started vomiting, and didn’t stop through the drive home or even after I went to bed, and it did not stop until 3 a.m. What was I throwing up? I wasn’t eating at that point; I couldn’t even keep water down. I’m a tough cookie when it comes to being sick; I don’t normally complain and I keep up with my household chores as much as possible. I didn’t do a single thing from the time we got home until the day after Christmas. I didn’t see The Boy set out cookies for Santa, I didn’t help wrap presents, I didn’t go to Christmas at my in-laws’ house, and I certainly did not do any household chores. I thought I was going to die. I seriously thought it was not going to stop. EVER.

Of course it did stop. And the day after Christmas I was able to walk around a little bit, although I felt like I needed a nap every time I climbed the stairs.

Then the fun started.

Finally on Thursday I felt good enough to keep The Boy home from “school” (day care) and we played all day with new toys and had lunch at Daddy’s office. It was so much fun.

Our friend opened up a restaurant in Lodi at the beginning of December and I have been assisting him with start up and hiring. I went with him to a networking meeting Friday morning and then I prepped the food for the lunch hour, served lunch, and then prepped food for the dinner hour. It was long day but it was SO much fun.

On a side note, I purchased black flats specifically for this day as the only black shoes I have currently are a pair of pointy-toed knee high boots and a pair of high heel Mary Janes. Both are very cute and comfortable for the office, but not practical for working in a restaurant for twelve hours. However, the new shoes, although now I think they are more broken in now, were not comfortable by the end of the day. I have drawn the conclusion that there is no shoe available that would be comfortable for standing on your feet for an entire day. On a positive note, I got a cute new pair of shoes!

Saturday we went out for some much needed retail therapy. We drove to Roseville Galleria, then we went to Arden Fair in Sacramento and then to this little high-end retail shopping center, which, if you ever visit, you must eat at this spectacular restaurant, Piatti. Anyway, I purchased some stuff from Williams-Sonoma that I am now in LOVE with, and I spent way too much on a pair of pj’s for The Boy, but I don’t care. I love it.

Now I’m back on track and hope to continue my blog.