Friday, January 18, 2008

The Quiet Game

The Boy talks. A lot. I'm glad to have a healthy young child who is able to speak, and at one point I had convinced myself that he was never going to speak. But right now, I just want quiet sometimes. So I invented The Quiet Game. And guess what? It backfired on me.

The idea is that whoever speaks first loses the game.

At first I was able to get a good 30 seconds of quiet out of The Boy. Then he would say something that was obviously so important that it could not wait another moment. And The Man and I would laugh. Which encouraged The Quiet Game to become let's be quiet for 5 seconds and then say something so that Mommy and Daddy will laugh.

Then The Boy decided that HE would initiate The Quiet Game. Imagine how much noise and talking must have been occurring for him to be the initiator. We were then able to obtain perhaps a full minute of silence. But The Boy's rules for winning and losing the game are different that Mommy's rules. If The Boy decides that he does have something to say and that he must spit it out, lest he "forget," he will say, "I have to say one thing and then we'll start where we left off." So he graces us with his knowledge and then The Quiet Game is usually over. There is no going back to where we left off.

At least he still sleeps. A little bit.