Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spilt Milk

The Boy has been throwing his cup on the ground when he is done with it. The Man and I come downstairs and there is his (spill-proof sippy) cup on the floor. The Boy points at it and says, “Look!” while laughing. Although somewhat bothersome, we let him do it and discuss with him that it is okay to do that at our house but that he cannot do it anywhere else. He understands and agrees.

He eats snacks in the morning with his drink, whether it be crackers or dry cereal. We just give him the box and he eats from it while he watches his movie. Let me say that I realize we are doing him a disservice by allowing him to mindlessly munch on an unlimited amount of food, and we plan to have a more structured morning when kindergarten starts, but back to the story. I come downstairs one morning to find that in addition to throwing his cup on the ground, he has thrown his cereal box on the ground. There lies the cereal box, cereal scattered all over the carpet like colored confetti. Trying my hardest not to laugh at his attempt to push the envelope, I said, “WHAT is this?” He didn’t have an answer for me, just looked up at me with a little smirk and those big blue eyes that were a little unsure of whether or not he was in trouble.

Trying to remain composed the entire time, I informed him that this was unacceptable behavior and would he please clean up all of the spilled cereal. He got to work and I went into the kitchen where I couldn’t control myself any longer and I laughed so hard my face hurt.