Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Using Your Resources to Count and Cold Feet

Did you know that you can cheat at counting?!? We are driving (why do I feel like all of our stories take place in the car?) and ask The Boy if he could count to 100 by tens. He says yes and he starts, “Ten, twenty, thirty…” Then he begins wiggling all around in his car seat and I’m thinking, "What are you doing," but I don’t want to interrupt him so I don’t say anything. “Forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred!” By this time he is really straining in his seat so I finally tell him to sit correctly and I ask him, “What are you doing?!?” Then I realize what he was straining to see – the speedometer on the dashboard of the car! He was looking at the miles per hour numbers to count by tens, the little stinker.

We give him a hard time, exclaiming, “You can’t do that!” And his response, a classic response from The Boy: “I was just looking.”

This leads me to another classic. The Boy thinks that by saying things like "I was just looking" completely negates the accusation against him. For example:

He comes into bed with us when we all wake up in the morning. The first thing he does is put his toes on my legs. The Man and I have an electric blanket on our bed and The Boy’s mattress rests on a block of ice, or so you would think since it feels like he is laying bricks of ice on my legs. I scream from the shock and I say, “Your feet are cold!” And every morning his response is: “I’m just going to warm them up.” As if that makes them any less cold!