Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Did You Just Do?

Most mornings The Boy sits on the couch downstairs and watches a movie on DVD that he chooses, eats a snack, and drinks milk or juice. Please note that we have at least 50 DVDs for him to choose from, probably more.

The Man is fixing a beverage for The Boy to drink and The Boy comes in to the kitchen with his hands behind his back and here is what ensues:

The Boy: “Hey Dad, guess which movie I picked.”
The Man: “Oh, honey I have no idea.”
The Boy: “I’ll give you a hint – it’s green.”
The Man: “Um, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”
The Boy: “No.”
The Man: “I don’t know dude. You should just show me.”
The Boy: “I’ll give you another hint.”

The Boy proceeds to take The Man by the hand and lead him over to the shelf where his DVDs are kept. Then he looks at The Man and says, “Which one is missing?”

The Man obviously cannot identify which movie is missing and tells The Boy that he does not know and again, could he please just show Daddy which movie he picked.

The Boy, feeling as though Daddy is not trying hard enough to play his guessing game, takes the movie out from behind his back, throws it on the ground and then points at it on the ground and indignantly shouts at The Man, “LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST MADE ME DO!”

Of course he was immediately sent on a time-out for multiple offenses (throwing, yelling, tantrum), but when he told me the story, we couldn't help but laugh.