Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Names

The Man and I have agreed vehemently on one topic: no more children. One is good. We originally wanted three babies and then we had one baby. Ha! We were so naïve. They are so much work emotionally, physically, and financially.

We agreed on our names, too. And we used our favorite name I think because now I think the other two suck. Well, not really, but I’m not in love with them like I’m in love with The Boy’s name. Jade Rayne for the second baby – a girl and Jaylen Anthony for the third baby – a boy.

I came across Nymbler the other day and I wondered what names it would pick for me. The website states, “Nymbler is the smart baby name guide that responds to your personal taste. Just choose a few names that appeal to you or let Nymbler offer ideas. Then press "Find Names" and Nymbler will start using its expert knowledge to brainstorm names tailored to fit your style.”

Here are the boy names it generated that I actually liked: Jalen (!), Maxwell, Parker, Kennedy, O’Brien, Darby, Mccoy.

And the girl names, which all oddly ended in an “e” sound: Sydney, Lily, Molly, Lucy, Sophie.

But I’m really starting to like the name Nymbler.