Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bacon and a Lunar Eclipse

Lately, when I cook or bake something, I find that I want to blog about it later, and then I constantly find myself wishing I had pictures of the process and final product. For example, I made these yummy hostess cupcakes and they were a LOT of work. I even made the marshmallow fluff from scratch. Everything was so labor intensive, they looked really good, and they tasted great, too. I was bummed then that I didn’t take any pictures for proof. Because they were a little bit too much work in my opinion and I probably won’t make them again.

Since then, I resolved to take pictures when I was cooking or baking in order to remember my efforts. I did not tell anyone about this resolution though, so when I grabbed the camera Saturday morning to take a picture of bacon, The Man was a little taken aback. I don’t blame him. Here is my lovely picture of the bacon. Doesn’t it look warm and crispy?

And totally unrelated to food, I took a picture of the lunar eclipse last night. See that white speck? That’s it. Would a better camera have captured that better, or is it just too far away? At least by blogging about it I can recall the memory I have of actually seeing it, and The Boy’s response. He called it a “lips.”