Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogs to Replace Friends

By choice, I have very few friends. And now that I have discovered blogs, I don’t think I’ll be pursuing any new friendships. Except for Salty and Jenny if they ever move out here. HELLO you guys! When is that going to happen?!?

Blogs are great in that they are the personal stories and thoughts of someone’s life, and I feel like I’m getting to know someone. The thing that makes them a great replacement of friends is that if I don’t want to listen to a boring narrative about why I should vote for Obama, I don’t have to. If I disagree with some parenting advice, I can say whatever I want and the person won’t be offended because they can’t hear me! And if I don’t like someone’s blog, I just quit looking at it. I don’t feel guilty because nobody’s feelings are hurt, and they probably don’t even notice that they are missing a reader. Best of both worlds I’d say.

I know that this is a warped way of thinking, because truly what am I getting from these blogs? It’s not a true friendship at all, but a very shallow, false sensation of a distorted version of an acquaintance. But hey, that’s why I’m in therapy.