Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do You Want Milk or Juice?

Oh, my, gosh. Kill me now. Seriously. Remember when I told you about how I spelled out a word when speaking with a vendor? Well this story is about that same vendor. Which means I’m sure he thinks I’m a genius. He’s bidding on a project for us. He should probably use monosyllabic words and a large font so as not to confuse me.

He came to meet with Female Boss. I get the call that he is here, go to the reception desk to meet him, and bring him back to the conference room. I’m about to ask him, “Would you like some water or coffee?” just like the good assistant that I am. But what comes out is, “Would you like some milk or juice?” Because that is what I ask The Boy. Milk. Or Juice.

Then (oh, no, the horror is not over), I get him set in the conference room, turn to leave, and the belt buckle on my navy blue capris catches on the door handle and I trip and almost fall. I’m “cool” enough to catch myself before I fall flat on my face. When will the suffering end?