Tuesday, February 12, 2008


At work, I have to balance my accounts at the end of each month before we can close out that month. In the past, whenever my accounts don’t balance, I call my boss, the Controller, and tell him what I’m off by. Sometimes he’ll come over to my desk to look and sometimes he won’t, but his answer has always been for me to print everything and give it to him to look at. So this month I didn’t balance. I think I’m all smart and I print out everything, write him a note that says I’m off by this much, and I think he’ll just fix it like he always does. So I come in this morning and the reports are on the top of my In-Box. I’m thinking great, he fixed them, and the month can close. I pick it up and look at my sticky note where I wrote, “I’m off by $342.20” and I see his reply below it, “Why?”

WHAT?!? If I knew WHY it was off, I could fix it myself, couldn’t I?!? If I knew WHY, I wouldn’t need YOU, would I?!? How am I supposed to respond to that? It is soooooooooooooooooooo annoying. That’s like the most annoyed I have ever been with him.

I swear it feels like lately he is trying to aggravate me. He does this thing where we have some work that absolutely has to be completed. It could even be work that our insurance company is going to pay for so who cares about the cost, right? He asks me to get a proposal from a company for the work. Cool, I can do that. Then we get the proposal and he has like three questions. But does he ask me all of them at one time? No. He asks me one at a time so that I have to interrupt my vendor’s day three times. And the answers to the questions don’t even matter because we are going to do the work anyway. Because we have to. Like yesterday, I had to ask the asphalt guy how much asphalt he was planning on removing. Why? Who cares how much asphalt is getting removed? It’s getting removed! Are we going to recycle it and use it somewhere else? Do we have an asphalt deficiency at another project that I am not aware of? NO. Just sign the dang proposal and let’s get the work done! They said that they could start the work on Monday but you took so long asking questions that don’t matter that you didn’t even approve the work until Monday afternoon and then it’s too late to start the project and by then the company has already scheduled other work for the rest of the week and can’t get to our project for a whole extra week and now we have to

If I were one of my vendors, I wouldn’t like me very much and I’d probably refuse to do work for our company. We’re such a hassle.