Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ideas From the Shower

I would say some of my best thinking can occur in the shower. Not every shower, but some showers are pretty productive. Originally, I just typed productful, which is not a word. I didn’t want to leave it there because it’s wrong, but I did want everyone to know that I created a new word. I’m sick, sue me for not remembering that the word is productive.

Back to the shower. The environment can be very conducive for pondering. The Boy is not constantly talking (he’s plopped in front of the television, would you please nominate me for Mother of the Year? Thanks.), I’m alone, which is not something I can experience anywhere else in my life, and I don’t really have anything else pressing to think about other than trying not to cut a chunk out of my leg while shaving.

I previously thought that it would be awesome if my blogging could somehow bring in enough money to replace my current income. However, today in the shower, I realized that may not be exactly what I want. I thought about dooce. I consider her to be a successful blogger. I don’t know if she thinks so, I have no idea how much (if any) money she makes from her blog, but I think it’s a gorgeous blog, she’s funny, her photography is incredible, and I see her on everybody's blogroll. Today I had the flash that maybe when she started she was able to write whatever she wanted and now she might have someone editing her work, stunting her fresh, creative expressions. Or maybe people recognize her and her children. I would not like that. I don’t even put pictures of our faces up now and I’m not famous. I barely am okay with you knowing what The Boy’s name is. And what about people judging your personal musings? I don’t know if I could take it if someone wrote a negative critique of my feelings – which should always have validity.

So I decided in the shower this morning that I do not want to become rich and famous from THIS blog. I’ll write a book or something that’s not related to my personal life, under a pseudonym, and then I won’t mind if someone edits or critiques it.

Then I wondered if a person could drink enough water that they could drown themselves.