Thursday, February 21, 2008

Imagination Station

The boy is consumed with imagination play. Everything is, “You pretend to be this person and I’ll be that guy and Daddy will be so and so.” It’s so awesome. Everyone we pretend to be is based on the color the character wears, and sometimes it is based on the sex of the character. I’m usually whatever female character there is, despite what color she might wear. For example, even though Sally from CARS is blue, she’s a girl, so I’m Sally. And The Boy is Lightning, because even though he’s not blue, he is the main character, the center of attention, and let’s face it, that is all the matters to a five year old. Dad is Chick because Dad likes green. But let’s pretend Daddy is a good guy. With the Legend of Zelda, Daddy is grown up Link, The Boy is little Link, and Mommy is Zelda.

Everything is like that. The Boy is constantly assigning a persona to all three of us and then we are given our mission, which is to get the bad guys. And the sound affects are great: shing, pssh, dah! Of course The Boy can never get hurt. On the off chance that one of us is a bad guy and we try to get him, or do actually get him, he says, “I’m protect,” which means nothing can get him.