Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pink Eye

When The boy is naked his hands are uncontrollably drawn to his privates. It’s like there is a magnetic force between his hands and his boy beans. And I put lotion all over his body, so it is beyond my comprehension that his butt could be so itchy that it must constantly be scratched. We have told The Boy how one contracts pink eye, and we have asked him to please not touch his bottom when he is naked or he might accidentally rub his eyes afterward and get pink eye. This has recently become a problem as he likes to lie in our bed and we cannot see what is going on under the covers. When he was naked one morning we caught him scratching his behind and then during the course of reminding him, he inevitably rubbed his eyes. We probably startled him as we shrieked, “STOP!!! Don’t rub your eyes!” We sent him off to the bathroom to wash his hands thoroughly with soap and water.

We may have finally gotten through to him. At regular intervals for the rest of the morning he asked The Man, “Do I have pink eye now?”

It reminded me of that Verizon commercial. “Can you hear me now?” Except the question is, “Do I have pink eye now?”