Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom And Jerry Not Suitable For Children

We are pretty cautious of what we allow The Boy to watch. We realize that many parents do not rework their television encounters around their children. Some take their toddlers to vampire movies, others spend T.V. time together watching crime dramas. The only channels appearing on our television when The Boy is awake are Disney Channel in the morning (Playhouse Disney), Sprout (referred to by The Boy as “Sproutlet”), SportsCenter on ESPN, the occasional game (i.e., basketball, baseball, etc.), pre-approved and pre-screened shows OnDemand, and pre-approved and pre-screened DVDs. That’s it.

The Man thought it would be a great idea to have The Boy watch a show from when we were kids. We checked out the listings OnDemand and settled on Tom and Jerry (which is listed under the Kids section). We did not pre-screen this. Cat chasing mouse equals good clean fun, right? Uh, NO. I was horrified when I saw little Jerry running away from Tom, who was chasing him with an axe. I fear that I have scarred my innocent little child because Tom stole an egg from it’s nest, cracked it into a pan in hopes to eat a fried egg for breakfast, thus killing the potential of a baby chick to be born. Fortunately a baby chick comes out of the egg, but my hopes for redemption are again nixed when Tom pulls out a book that says “How to Cook Roast Duck.” He’s going to cook a BABY duck!? How am I supposed to explain this heartless behavior to my child? In the next episode, Jerry and his baby brother play with dynamite. The baby mouse pulls a match out of his diaper and lights it. Where are these mice’s parents?!? Our diligent discussions about not playing with fire are negated with this show, all in an attempt to humor young children.

We let him watch the four episodes this morning, and vow to never let that happen again. From now on, we will be screening all cartoons that we were raised on. No wonder my parents didn’t keep a television in the house for such a long time.