Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Treading on Thin Ice

Or thin tires in our case.

We are not great with money. We could probably be considered terrible with money. But I like to give us some “credit” (ha!), because we no longer use credit cards. We used to have a HUGE spending problem and now we live on a budget. Well, we spend the money we have on the budget part and then whatever is left over (not much of it), gets spent on other stuff, not in the budget (i.e., eating out, Wii games…mostly eating out and Wii games). The point is that we don’t spend MORE than we make. But we don’t save either. I save for two things each month – property taxes and car registration. Because I can’t pull six hundred and six dollars out of my behind twice a year, one of those times being right before Christmas. We don’t save large chunks of money we get either, like bonuses or tax returns. We use that money to go on vacations, or buy new electronic devices, or sometimes we even buy practical things like prescription glasses or a big boy bed for The Boy.

Right now we really need new tires. We need them so badly. I can see the threading coming through on one of the tires. One of the tires wore itself flat. The spare is brand new and looks terrific compared to the others. I feel bad for the spare tire. He’s just supposed to provide assistance, not support the entire car. Maybe I shouldn’t feel bad for him. Maybe he thinks he looks pretty good for a spare tire compared to these slackers.

I love the guy at Honda, too. He tells The Man, “Dude, you like totally need new tires.” The Man says, “Thanks for telling me. We don’t have money for that right now. I’ll let The Wife know so that she can start budgeting for it.” The guy says, “They’re in really bad shape, man.” The Man reiterates, “That’s great, but it doesn’t put any money in my bank account. We’ll bring it back in when we have the money.” The guy stares back, perplexed. What doesn’t he understand? Unless they were having a free tire sale, no money equals no new tires. Dude.

It is times like these when I wish we had some sort of savings. If we kept like two grand in savings, this wouldn’t even put a dent in that. We’d be all set. Instead, I’m scrambling around the house, grabbing anything I think might sell on eBay, and praying so hard that the other tires don’t go flat before I can find $542.92 (note to self: check under couch cushions). I really didn’t want to spend our tax return on new tires. I wanted to buy a big boy bed for The Boy, buy some new prescription glasses (mine are over five years old and I’m not sure they improve my vision anymore), or maybe go to Disneyland or New York. Or, buy some new boots.

Oh well. If I keep selling stuff on eBay, maybe that will pay for a family vacation. And I won’t have to worry about anyone breaking in and stealing anything while we’re gone, since I’ll have to sell everything in our house to make that much.