Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day

The Man wrote a great post about not celebrating Valentine’s Day. I totally agree with him. I would much rather get flowers from him for no “special” reason other than the fact that he loves me. Or for him to show me he is thinking of me by doing something nice for me on any other day of the year. Which he does. And I love him for it.

I have not really defined my bosses, but I pretty much have four. They don’t all technically boss me around, but they are all above me in the pecking order.

First is Female Boss. She is the opinionated, always right, know-it-all, micromanager, ungrateful, nosy in your business type.

Second is Quiet Boss. He has what I think is a sense of humor that I don’t get, or he is just really weird and maybe a little mean. He is super shy, quiet, private, hard to read. I think a little OCD, too.

Third is Boss Man. My favorite one, I wish it was just me and him in the office. Level headed, practical, honest, no ego, fair, just an all around nice person.

Fourth is CEO Boss. He’s the CEO and married into the family business (he’s not actual family). Stay out of his way when he’s cranky, which isn’t often, in general he’s very nice, a family man. Likes things a certain way and has the money to have things done those certain ways. Can be hard to read.

Anyway, that is all totally unrelated to this post, but good knowledge to have for future posts.

And it does help explain Female Boss’ reaction to Valentine’s Day. Her husband sent her a dozen red roses (gorgeous), everyone is oohing and aahing all over them and she says, “Yes, my husband has no imagination. Red roses on Valentine’s Day, how creative.” I want to grab one of those roses and shove the thorny stem down her throat! It’s nice that he thought of her. There are SO many other women in the office who either don’t have someone to celebrate with, or whose husbands don’t ever treat them special, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or not. I mean, come on! Be a little enthusiastic about it. Jeez.

Then I hear her call her husband to thank him for the flowers (after everyone else has gone away and nobody can hear her being nice), but in the process berates him for having his music up too loud. “Turn your music down so you can hear me thank you.” If the guy hasn’t had a vasectomy already, he certainly doesn't need one due to her constant emasculating comments.


Catherine said...

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, either. But I would totally have to be nice if my husband went out and bought me roses. How spoiled must a person be to not appreciate that kind of sentiment! Sheesh.

Great post. :)