Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Website Review: Safeway

I hate going grocery shopping. I have written before about my inability to plan meals and I am sure that feeds into the loathing I feel when it comes time to get groceries. I’d let our fridge be empty and eat boxed macaroni and cheese every night for dinner before I’d go grocery shopping. Occasionally I will get a bug similar to the spring cleaning bug people get when the weather changes and I will gladly make my list and happily trek through all the aisles, somehow feeling like I am fulfilling a womanly duty. But most of the time I groan, scribble some things down on a random piece of paper, try to drag The Boy, The Man, or both with me so I’ll at least have someone to gripe to. I drag my feet through the aisles, annoyed at the people who block the walkway. I mutter under my breath at those who don’t control their loud and obnoxious children – should they really have had that fifth child, I wonder? When I have finally put everything into my cart that I think I need, inevitably forgetting one key item, I make my way up to the checkout line. I lean against the cart and read the headlines of the tabloids as they sit in their wire stand, wondering if there is a better way to do this thing we call grocery shopping.

And there is! I knew that Safeway * delivered groceries, but I thought that it must be too expensive and that only the rich and famous could afford such luxuries. Out of curiosity, I visited the site one day and filled up my cart with everything on my list. It took a little while to do it, but it came to quite a surprise to me that the total was within my monthly grocery budget!

I was a little disappointed in the search feature. Yes I could type in cottage cheese, but it only brought up a few choices. If I went to the dairy section I was able to choose from many more brands and a variety of sizes.

The delivery fee is $9.95. I know that I’m paying for someone to purchase my groceries, and that amount is worth it to me. But I had a coupon code for the first delivery, so no delivery fee this time!

I checked out at the (limited) privacy of my desk on my lunch break, setting the delivery time for the next day in the evening. I went home and remembered two more things I needed and added them to my order from home. The order came within the time slot provided. The delivery person called when they were here, brought two freezer bags up to the door on a dolly and unloaded the bags onto the dining room table. We signed for our order and he was on his way!

I unloaded my groceries and was surprised to see everything that I ordered, no mistakes. I made a note about the bananas, “the greener the better” and I received two very green bananas.

This experience was a dream come true! I will definitely use this service again. It’s not just for the rich and famous.

*Please note that I have no affiliation with Safeway, nor have they asked me to promote their site. In fact, they do not know that I am writing this review and I hope I wasn't supposed to ask permission first!