Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why Being a Mom is the Best Job in the World

Because what I can do for The Boy is exclusive to him. I cannot do for anyone else what I do for him.

Yesterday I promised him chocolate milk. We got home and I poured some chocolate syrup in a special Buzz cup from our trip to Disneyland. Then I topped it off with some milk, stirred with a spoon, taste tested, and added a few more drops of chocolate syrup until it was just right. I put the lid on the cup and inserted a pink silly straw from his birthday party goodie bags, and he was the happiest camper. I cannot articulate the love that went in to that glass of chocolate milk, and I’m sure The Boy does not fully appreciate what I did. Perhaps one day he will, but if not, I feel that it was a privilege to be able to give him that love.

I cannot make chocolate milk in a Buzz cup with a silly straw for my boss at work. Well, I guess I could, but they might put me under psychiatric evaluation.