Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Assignment: Help Me Look Like I Am Working

I don’t have enough work to do. Work is slow in general right now, but I am super fast at all of my assignments and I run out of things to do even during our busy times. I am currently almost done with my filing, which is the final thing I do before I am completely out of work. I will probably finish the filing this afternoon. A new month and the new quarter starts on Tuesday which will give me about two days worth of work to do that I can probably stretch out to three or four days. Quiet Boss was gone for three days so I am hoping to get some work from his pile of paperwork that accumulated while he was gone.

I ask for more work, I ask to do things that normally get pushed to the back burner (i.e., sort through plans, send files to storage, create new files, etc.), but now it’s all been done!

The challenge for me is to come up with things that appear to be work but are not actually work. Because I have a highly visible desk, I cannot go on the internet, lest people think I don’t have enough work to do (which I don’t!) and think I am disposable (which I probably am!). Why haven’t I been laid off already?

Here is what I have come up with so far.

Things That I Can Do At Work That Are Work Appropriate

1. Write blogs in Word.
2. Copy text from website, paste into Word and read.
3. Create eBay descriptions in Word.
4. Copy Sudoku puzzles into Excel.

Can you come up with anything else?