Monday, March 17, 2008


We were thisclose to relaxing this weekend, and then the circuit breaker at our house zapped that dream from us when it started buzzing.

Here’s what we did:

Friday night, after a very long and busy week, I zipped on over to the next town with dinner I made for this family. Our family was going to go over there and play games and eat dinner together, but they all have bronchitis so I just dropped off the food. I never made this recipe before so I hope they liked it. Normally I wouldn’t treat people like that, but the whole thing was kind of last minute and I didn’t have time to buy and make a familiar recipe. I haven’t heard from them about the meal, but I saw them at church on Sunday so I know I didn’t kill them.

Then Saturday morning we get up and go to church for a planning meeting, afterwards we went to Toys R Us to buy a present for a birthday party we were going to at 2 p.m. We picked up lunch and went to my office to eat lunch and check out a security breach situation (it was nothing), wrapped the present at my office, and went to the party. When the party is over we go home and WHEW! Time to relax, right? Wrong! Our friends call and say we’re bored, come over. So we go over and decide to go to our friend’s restaurant for dinner, where our children thoroughly annoyed the couple at the table next to us. Then we went back to their house and the kids played Wii until they had a meltdown and we finally took The Boy home and we all went to bed.

Up on Sunday morning, The Man notices that the circuit breaker is buzzing, so he switches it off, we take The Man to worship team practice, grab Starbucks for The Boy and I on the way home, he eats while I shower, we both get dressed, rush back to church, get done around noon, go directly to a BBQ. We invited new friends to this BBQ so that they could get to know other people our age and then I proceeded to hog all of their attention the entire time because we were so engrossed in our conversations. We go home and instead of relaxing like we thought we would, our electrician friend comes over to assess the situation with the circuit breaker and finds what we already knew, which is that all of the wires have been painted and are causing the unit to constantly overheat. And it exploded on him or something and I see this flash of light reflect on the wall and he says, "Ouch, dammit!" It was funny, especially because this guy is SO quiet and reserved. So the electrician friends takes The Man and The Boy to the hardware store where they buy a new circuit breaker and now ALL OF OUR LIGHTS WORK!!!

We all fall into bed and now it’s Monday. Five loooooooooooooooooooooong days until the weekend.