Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caution: Genius at Work

I don’t shop at Costco. My mom has a membership and I used to have one but I never went because when I did go I couldn’t leave without spending at least two hundred bucks and I couldn’t afford that! If I want something now, my mom will get it for me and she lets me look through her coupons. In the last book of coupons, I picked out a coupon for sandwich bags. The giant box filled with smaller boxes of Ziploc bags is sitting on the pantry floor, waiting to be opened. It’s huge and in the way, so I’m not sure how I forgot it was there.

I used the last sandwich bag on Monday and have been using the quart size bags to pack lunches since then, making a mental note to pick up more sandwich bags the next time I went to the grocery store. Such an opportunity occurred last night and I grabbed a box and threw it in my cart along with my other miscellaneous items. I put the box away at home and then as I was making dinner, I left the pantry door open and walked out of the kitchen and on my way back into the kitchen, I saw the mammoth Costco size box of sandwich bags. I couldn’t believe it. I’m such a dork.