Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Diva

The Boy has a little “girlfriend” although I refer to her as a Diva or sometimes Slut or the “B” word because she broke his little, teeny, tiny, fragile heart.

The two of them were inseparable from the age of two until the age of four. Then J became this little sassy diva. She stopped saying hi to The Man and I in the morning when we dropped off The Boy at school. She stopped playing with The Boy. She probably said some horribly mean things to him that nobody should ever have to hear, like, “I’m not your friend anymore,” or “I don’t want to play with you.”

J told The Boy that she was going to be sick on the day of his birthday party. So we knew she wouldn’t come, but we still invited her. Sure enough, J did not come to his party. Her mom didn’t RSVP or anything.

So I totally talk trash on her (behind her back of course, it’s not appropriate for an adult to trash talk a five year old). It’s mostly in jest but there is some truth to it because The Boy is hurt by her actions and I want to protect him.

J loves The Little Mermaid movie and all things Ariel. The Boy has a couple of Build-A-Bear friends and during our last visit to Build-A-Bear, he purchased an Ariel Mermaid outfit for one of his friends to wear and said, “Maybe if I buy this and take this to school J will like me again.” Oh. My. Gosh. Is that not the sweetest, most heart wrenching thing you have ever heard?!? How do you teach a kid that no matter what you do, sometimes you just can’t do things that will make people like you? And how can I repair the pain his little heart must be feeling?

Hunny Bear, that girl truly is not good enough for you. You deserve better, the love of a Real Princess who appreciates her Prince, like Ariel and Prince Eric. J may like Ariel and other Disney Princesses, but she has a long way to go until she reaches Princess Status in my book. You keep looking.


The Man said...

When we found out his true intentions for taking a liking to The Little Mermaid, I wanted to cry for him. Reading that bit still hurts my heart a little.