Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Redo

I have never claimed to be a good writer, and I often times find it challenging to put into words the things that happen in our lives, especially voice inflection, because not only can you not hear me, you can’t see my facial expressions or body language either.

When I wrote this story, I knew it was not accurate and my thoughts were not coming across. With some ideas from The Man, I am going to attempt telling the story again.

I’m not going to delete the old story. When The Boy read these posts, I want him to see that everybody makes mistakes. I also want to be able to go back one day and see what I did and then look at how I was able to improve on it. Here we go:

The other night at dinner, we were talking about favorite things. The Boy listed his favorite things: “Video games, Pokemon, Disneyland, the Wii…no no wait, that is a video game, just kidding…that Star Wars Walker made of Legos…”

When he finishes his list, he looked over to me and says, “Mom, what are your favorite things? Well, I know you like me, but is there anything else?”