Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Truly Is Unfair

Yesterday, I got to work 10 minutes late. Not really that big a deal. My office is actually VERY understanding that I have a five year old and only one vehicle and that things don’t always go smoothly.

However, I have to clock in on my computer every morning and clock out when I leave and my pay is based on the actual hours I work. So if I clock in at 8:10 and still leave at 5, I don’t get my entire eight hours, and let me tell you, every penny counts. So I have to stay until 5:10 to clock out if I want all eight hours.

Here is what is unfair: Female Boss is on salary, not hourly like me, so she gets paid the same every pay period no matter what time she wanders in or what time she leaves. Here was her schedule yesterday: she got here at 8:30 a.m., took a 1 hour and 30 minute lunch, and left at 5 while I was sitting there strumming my fingers waiting to clock out in ten minutes. So she actually only worked seven hours but will get paid for eight.

I have to believe that the only reason she is able to do this is because of me. Before I started working here, it was just her. And she made such a big deal when I started about being here RIGHT ON TIME every morning (except for the occasional need to deal with The Boy). Although I have NEVER seen it in action, I must assume that she was here right on time every morning before I started here. Right? Otherwise it would be pretty hypocritical of her to say that (which wouldn’t surprise me either).

Some would say, well she’s a manager, she’s paid her dues, blah blah blah. I don’t totally disagree, but then she should also understand that I have to live by this law of time, just like I assume she used to. Of course, it’s different these days. When I first started working for this company (in a different department) nine years ago, everyone was on salary and we could borrow vacation time, trade sick time for vacation time, take a long lunch because we never took scheduled breaks. Of course someone took advantage of that or was fired and pissed and told whoever the worker people are that our company did not require breaks or some garbage and now we have to be super strict about all of it.

Today I came in 15 measly minutes early so that I could leave early to pick up some groceries before we have company tonight and she give me this snobbish “k.” Like, I didn’t check my personal schedule with her first, or even worse; I didn’t check with HER schedule. Like I’m trying to skip out on the last 15 minutes of work. I mean, she might have something super pressing going on during that time. I’m sorry, would she rather pay me overtime to sit on my tuckus for 15 minutes just to make sure I’m not leaving before her? Going by her philosophy of work, she should be able to waltz out of here whenever she wants. Why does she feel like she has to stay until five when she so blatantly does not follow any of the other time guidelines at our office?


Catherine said...

My sister was a paralegal a few years back. I swear, she could have written this EXACT post about the lawyers she worked for. I truly had sympathy hate goin' on.