Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Honey Bear, money sucks. It makes the world go ‘round is the saying, and it’s true. Money will rule your life until you die; you will make major life decisions and minor life decisions based on things related to money. Unless you figure out how to rule over it, which if you follow in our footsteps, you will not. I truly hope that you do what we have not been able to do and beat the system. Make your money work for you; don’t work for your money.

If there is one thing I can ask it is that you please don’t ever misuse credit cards. It is a mistake that can haunt you for years. YEARS. And then money will truly rule your life during that time. I cannot wait to be free from our mistake of misusing credit cards. I look forward to the day when I can be debt free and feel that freedom, instead of what I currently feel which is fear, worry, and stress. Please learn from Mommy and Daddy’s mistakes about this one thing.

I’m not sure how, I know we aren’t doing it now, but I want to teach you that instant gratification of having material possessions is not as important as working for something and waiting for it. That is a much greater reward. Trust me.