Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Note

I was looking through a file today and I found a sticky note on some sign specifications. The note said, “A – You are my sign person. See me. – R.”

Seeing this note made me hurt. I hate change and I was so happy the way things used to be at my office. I was working for my favorite boss ever in the whole wide world. He was light-hearted and care-free, he liked to joke around, he had a great personality, and he appreciated what I did for him. He knew that he could get away with more golf, more long lunches, more personal errands, if he had me doing his work. Some might say, oh he was taking advantage of you. I disagree. I welcomed the challenging assignments he gave me. I would not normally be considered “qualified” to do the work, and yet I did it correctly. I was happy to make his life more enjoyable because he appreciated what I did for him. I also trusted him because he truly loved his wife and I never feared that he would hit on me, as all of my past male bosses had done. And he never did.

A time came where there was so much work that I could no longer do it all. I am told that he did not step up to the plate, he fell behind on projects, and eventually he was let go. That was almost two years ago and I still miss him.

I got a new boss, and she was strange, I cannot even explain how bizarre she was. I didn’t have time to adjust, though, before she was gone. Laid off with the rest. And now I have Quiet Boss. No joking, or he makes odd jokes that I don’t get, he doesn’t give me fun projects, there isn’t a lot of work to do so I do a lot of filing and spend most of my days trying to look like I’m busy. The morale in the entire office is totally different now.

I saw this note and I was transported to My Happy Place. At one point in time, I was worth something to someone and someone appreciated my knowledge, even if it was just knowledge about signs. There it was in writing – I fit in. I belonged in the office right then and there; there was a need and an appreciation for the information I had in my head. I was his sign person.


Catherine said...

Nothing beats a good boss. Right now, I'm going through a trying-to-be-positive phase with my boss. It's tough...