Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Real Rules of Baseball

The Boy LOVES to play sports. I think baseball might be his favorite right now.

He is very good at remembering the rules and names of things, like double play, strike, grand slam, etc. One thing he cannot remember is “foul tip,” which is when the bat makes contact with the ball, but hits at a funny angle and either the catcher still catches it, or it goes off in some random foul direction.

The Boy calls this a “tip foul.” We have tried to correct him, but he will have none of it. And if we say foul tip, he corrects us!

Also, we do not play by any of the rules. There are just three of us and The Man and I don’t care if we get to hit the ball so we mostly just let The Boy hit the ball as much as he wants. So everything he misses is a strike, but he keeps counting since he never gets “out,” so he could have like ten strikes and it’s still his turn.

The other day when we were playing baseball at the park, I don’t remember what was happening, but it didn’t fall into the normal rules of baseball. The Boy declared, “That’s not how to REALLY play baseball, is it?” It really struck me as funny that he just has what appears to be random ideas for the rules, but then one minor thing and he’s all about the “real” rules.

That same day, a little boy came over and asked if he could play with us. Of course we let him and The Boy was such a good sport, sharing hitting time, and fielding this kid’s hits. When the boy’s parents came over and said it was time to go, The Boy ran over and said, “High five” and held out his hand. It was SO adorable.