Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sign Here

I have not signed Quiet Boss’ name yet, since he is fairly new here. Yesterday I had to sign his name, and before I signed the official letters, I pulled out a sticky note and practiced writing his name first and I had a total flashback of being in junior high. Remember in junior high when you had a crush and you would write your first name with his last name and then draw hearts and swirlies all around? Ah, true love.

Anyway, I am a professional so I didn’t do it, but I totally thought about using a heart to dot the “i” in his name (just on the sticky, not on the letters), and drawing hearts and swirlies all over. I mean it’s just going in the garbage and it’s for my own amusement, right? Paranoid thoughts run through my head, though, like his wife coming to dig through my garbage (she’s never even been to the office). That just wouldn’t look good at all.

So I had a little laugh inside my head picturing what it could look like, threw out the sticky, signed the letters and went on with my day.