Friday, March 7, 2008

Resisting. Urge. To. Shop.

Yesterday was an emotional day. The Man and I went to the memorial service of our friend who died last week. Something that hadn’t occurred to me is that she actually died on February 29th. I wonder what that will be like for her family when they remember her each year. I know that the pain will still be there, but I wonder if every fourth year their pain will be a little more intense when the actual date of February 29th hits.

Anyway, in my opinion, a good form of grieving is retail therapy. I have been itching to buy stuff. We went shopping in San Mateo on Saturday and I wasn’t quite ready to shop. This week we received one of our tax returns, so now I really feel ready. Although we are saving our tax returns for Disneyland, receiving the money somehow makes me feel like we have additional funds.

I’d really like to buy some clothes for The Boy because he is quickly growing out of his clothes and I’m sick of sending him to school in high-water pants. However, he is going to be starting kindergarten in five short months. I’d like to wait until August to buy his uniform clothes for school as I’m pretty sure he’s growing an inch each month right now. So I guess we’ll try to start a trend of capris for boys until summer gets here, and then we’ll start the trend of short shorts being cool for boys.

I also need new make up. This one should be easy, right? I recently read though that not all make up is safe. In fact, I read that some make up has chemicals in it that are known to cause cancer and reproductive problems. So now I want to be very careful in what I select to apply to the largest organ of my body every day. Finding the motivation to care about what kind of make up I purchase is not easy either (note to self: check under couch cushions for motivation). Normally, I like one brand and I’ll stick with that until I’m tempted to try another brand.

The Man wants some stuff, too. As much as I want to get these things for him, he does not need new drums heads, or an Incubus shirt in order to function in daily life (though he may tell you differently). I do think he needs new headphones in order to be the most productive and the least irritated at work. He will certainly be getting the one thing he asked for when his 30th birthday comes around since he’s not letting me throw him a party. Something about “it costs too much money.” Whatever, I’ve never had a reason to throw you a party before and you know it would be the BOMB because I am an AWESOME party planner.

So I’m stuck on what to spend money on. I know, giant problem, right? Seriously, though, it is very frustrating. I just want to get on with my retail therapy without having all of these issues. Shopping should not be this hard, people!