Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Wishes

It’s The Man’s birthday today! Happy 30th Birthday, love! I want to blog to you but I also want to keep in mind that the intention of this blog is for The Boy to read it one day. Sure, he’ll be bored of reading my posts complaining of work all the time, but it is my hope that posts like these will capture his attention (perhaps his girlfriend/wife’s attention as well), and he can say, “Awww, how cute. Mom and Dad were so in love.” Therefore, I will not be saying things like, you are so hot and I want to get on that, because I think that would gross him out, and rightfully so.

Darling, the first time we met, my knees actually went weak. I’m not sure I have told you that before today. I saw you at the mall (writing that makes me feel very ‘80s, I’m not sure why, it wasn’t in the ‘80s). You were with D and I was with L. We stopped and chatted for a moment and when we parted ways I leaned into L because my knees were weak and I said, “That guy is SO cute.” I should have known right then and there that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. No boy had ever made me weak in the knees before you.

Do you remember our date at Lyon’s? I’m not sure we were even engaged yet, but we sat in a booth and ate and talked about what we would name our three children. That’s right. We wanted three children. Ha! We were so young and so naïve. I’m really sad that we didn’t get to use the other names we picked out, but at least I can hold the memory of picking them out with you forever in my heart.

It certainly has not always been easy, mostly because I’m not a very easy person to live with. But you put up with me so well. I don’t know how you do it, but I love you for it. I don’t know why you love me at all, but I consider myself so blessed to have you willfully pour your love on me.

Even though we aren’t always happy living here, I’m so glad your parents moved here, and that my parents moved here. If one of them hadn’t, we never would have met, and that just would not have been okay with me.

Happy Birthday. I hope that it is a great day for you even though we are not doing anything extraordinary.

Our anniversary is in July. Stay tuned for more memories.


The Man said...

Best. Wife. Ever

Tot's Mom said...

Happy 30th Birthday to The Man! Many happy returns!

Catherine said...

Happy Belated B-day, The Man!