Thursday, April 17, 2008

Driving With The Police

On the way to taking The Boy to school this morning, there was a police car driving in traffic. What annoys me most about this is that, at least in our town, people feel the need to drive five miles per hour BELOW the speed limit and, in no circumstance whatsoever, will one pass the police vehicle.

People, PLEASE!!! If you drive the speed limit, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU. He’s probably just driving twenty miles per hour on the freeway to mess with you on purpose. He is busy doing his job, he is not concerned with the exact speed of each driver on the road. So just drive normally and nobody will get hurt.

Here is what happened this morning. I am in the right lane with a car in front of me, and the cop is in the left lane. He slows down because the car in front of him is turning left and he MUST SLOW DOWN or he will RUN INTO the car. The car in front of me, who has clear road for at least a mile in front of him, SLOWS DOWN ALSO. ALMOST TO A STOP. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. WTF?!? If I wasn’t paying attention, I could have run right into the back of him. What was the purpose of that? You think this cop is going to pull you over because you passed him when he was clearly waiting for someone to turn? The other car turns, so the cop speeds up to a little below the speed limit, and the car in front of me speeds up to less than a little below the speed limit, so as not to pass the police vehicle, LEST HE GET PULLED OVER FOR DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT.

When people do this, it makes me think that there is something else going on. Why do they want to hide behind the police car? If, by some off chance, the policeman is at all interested in the random 1982 beat up green Honda Accord driving next to him, and happens runs the license plate number, is he going to find out more than just, hey – that guy is driving the speed limit? Maybe he will then be required to pull you over because you are driving a stolen vehicle? Or your tags are expired? Do you have outstanding parking tickets? Are you are an illegal alien? What other reason could there be for avoiding driving in front of a police car?