Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From This Moment

CEO Boss and I interacted last week. I was like, That was nice, but whatev. But then we had another interaction today.

Here is what happened last week: I was walking out of the copy room looking down at what I had just copied and he walked by and I was a little startled. I said, “Hi.” And he said, “Jumpy much?” We laughed.

Then I went to my desk and dropped off my copies. I picked up my mug and went to the kitchen to get some coffee. When I turned the corner, he was right there and I was surprised again! I said, “Oh my gosh, you did it again!”

He asked me if I had ever seen the movie Mr. Deeds where the butler shows up everywhere and he says something like, “You underestimate my sneakiness.” We both laughed and went our separate ways.

Today, he went into Quiet Boss’ office, found that Quiet Boss was not there, wrote him a note on a sticky, left it on his desk, and walked out of Quiet Boss’ office.

“Is Quiet Boss going to be back?” He asked me.

“Yes.” I affirmed. He was satisfied with that answer and headed back to his office.

Then he stopped and looked at me again. “Today?” Obviously, he was joking.

I said, “Yes.” again and we both laughed.

We’re just a hilarious pair, aren’t we? All that laughing and silliness.

Seriously, though, it is so silly but I just feel like, Cool, I made a connection with someone who I view as very professional and serious. Also, he now appears to be more human, not just a robot who cares about making money. I’m reminded that he is a husband and a dad and a person who has feelings.

I think I put people like him up on too high of a pedestal. Sure, they should be respected. But not to the point where they are only thought of as business people/robots.

I remember that I could not believe it when I found out he and his family watch television shows that I like to watch, like American Idol or The Office. I think this way about celebrities and The President also. I think I heard that The President watches baseball and that floored me. Maybe because I think he has more important things to do that waste time watching television (which may be true in his case), I feel that way about CEO Boss as well.

So I look forward to having more “moments” with the higher-ups at the office, and being more comfortable around them. After all, they are just human beings like me.