Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Need Privacy

Is this a post about how Mommy needs some much deserved privacy? Nope. Because that’s useless to write. The Boy, however, feels that he deserves some privacy. To pee. Which literally takes five seconds. But now it takes five minutes. Because he has to ask for privacy, I have to leave the bathroom, he closes the door himself, and then he calls out to us, “Don’t come in, okay?” we must reply “Okay!” before the sentence even leaves his mouth otherwise he will come out and say, “HEY! Did you hear me? I need privacy, okay?!?” and then he will close the door again, finally go potty, flush, wash his hands, etc. Instead of just coming in the bathroom while I’m washing my face (with my eyes closed), and peeing. Like I haven’t spent hours studying every part of his body since he was an infant.

What truly rung humorous to me was the other morning we had to take really quick showers in the morning so The Boy and I were going to shower together (sorry Hunny Bear, I’m sure you’re gouging your eyes out now, reading this as a teen/young adult, but it’s true – you used to shower with your mother). He had to use the restroom before the shower. Which I appreciate; I don’t really like getting peed on in the shower. But he insisted that, instead of allowing me to get the shower ready while he took five seconds to urinate, we go through this process because he “needs privacy.” So I stepped out of the bathroom, patiently waited through the entire ordeal, and then we got in the shower together. Both naked. With no privacy. And I washed and saw all of his body, even the private parts.