Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Plan

Last night we went to our friends’ house for dinner. I love their house. It’s truly a home, a place where neatness is not necessary, and comfort is key. I feel good there. I know how they parent their children, and that their house is child proof, so I feel at ease letting The Boy run off with the kids, which leaves lots of adult time.

I learned something new about this couple last night. I learned how they met and it is so nontraditional. The wife said that she did not like their story, she wishes it were more traditional. So many people have traditional stories (which is why they are called traditional, duh), and I think that their story really shows their commitment to each other and their choice to love each other. It was very sweet.

The Boy came into the dining room where we were sitting. He wanted to ask a question, but I noticed some dark spots on his fuzzy blonde head.

I asked, “What is that on your head?”

“I don’t know.” Was his reply (of course).

“It looks like someone drew on your head!”

“Oh yeah. V did it.”

I turned to their little girl, who is the same age as The Boy. “V, why did you draw on The Boy’s head?”

V’s innocent response, “I wanted him to have polka dot hair.”

I didn’t even bother trying to contain my laughter.

The Boy has expressed to us his plan for life. He is going to marry V and live with her in Disneyland. Ahhhh, I wish that could be true.