Monday, April 14, 2008

Living On Severance: Day One

Today has been so much better than last Monday. I had a terrific weekend, which involved a cake with asparagus on it (more on that later, photos included), The Boy’s first soccer game (repeat last parenthetical statement), and hockey playoffs with friends (which ended poorly, the playoffs, not the friends). I transferred half of The Man’s severance from savings to checking and looking at our budget, things are going to be okay for the next two weeks. I also completed his first unemployment form so that we may start collecting unemployment benefits beginning the last week of April. I’m just really wishing I was at home with him right now instead of here.

I’m dreadfully tired because I did not sleep well last night. The Man sneezed yesterday morning and hurt his back. Did I mention he turned 30 last week? A little old, much? To be fair, though, it was a reinjury. Anyway, I was afraid of hurting him by moving too much in bed, which led to a poor night’s sleep.

The Man cursed himself. He said, “Since I’m going to be at home, I want to stay on top of those dishes.” Instead of them piling up like they normally do during our busy weeks, it was his intention to keep the sink clear and put the dishes in the dishwasher every time dishes were added to the sink. But since he verbalized it, of course it did not happen. The sink magically reproduced dirty dishes overnight and in addition to being very busy this weekend, he has now injured himself. But he has all day today to do them, so good luck to him!

I recently read a tweet on Twitter that most people are boring, or something to that affect. Yes, perhaps this is true. I certainly do not find anything exciting about the life I am leading. But I’m not writing to excite anyone else. I am writing to leave something for The Boy to read. And it may bore him, too. At least he will know that he is loved dearly.

I do not understand this comment from this tweeter. Twitter is supposed to be short, simple, and answering the question, “What are you doing right now?” How interesting can that be? That’s the fun of it! Getting to know what people are doing in their normal lives. To me, that IS interesting. Because I’m a nosy people watcher. That’s the POINT of Twitter.

Does this person think that their life is so interesting? If so, why would they even bother being part of a social community such as Twitter or read any other blogs for that matter? I should be so blessed as to have them grace my feeds on Bloglines? If their life is so non-boring and full of excitement, why even bother mentioning how boring we are? If you had a life, you wouldn’t need to feel the need to put us boring folk down. You are only showing your true colors and it has now been revealed that you are in fact the person who does not have an exciting life, but a boring one, perhaps a life that is unsatisfactory to you, and the only way to make yourself feel better is to call out all of those who are just trying to learn from each other and try to pretend that you are better than we are. How sad for you.

Anyway, on to the hockey playoffs. The refs sucked. They ruined it. We were the home team, and I’m sorry but anyone getting favorites should be the dang home team. In the last period, it was tied, 2 to 2. We scored in like the last two minutes, supposedly giving our team a one point lead. But the ref blew the whistle and said that the whistle was blown before the goal was made. So we did not get our point. The other team had done something wrong and a player had to go into the penalty box. Can’t we just decline the penalty and take the goal? No? THEN, the other team turned around and SCORED, with like forty seconds left, giving THEM a one point lead. Needless to say, we did not win the game, and I hope the refs waited until the arena was empty to leave, and if they were smart they had police escort them to their vehicles. Because I know I was ready to go down there myself and kick some stupid ref booty, so I’m sure there were others ready to go with me.