Friday, April 18, 2008

Non-Stop Talking

The Boy was non-stop with his talking this morning (enough to have me question his gender). Here is how the drive to school went:

This is The Boy talking: “When are we going to the snow again?What’s that place called?Oh yeah, Lake Tahoe.Is this number six?Do you have a snack?I’m hungry.I like the snow.Can you turn it up?Are we almost there?Why is Daddy staying home today?Don’t give me yucky tortillas anymore, okay Mom?Where’s my kitty?Can you please pick that up from the floor?I miss Lake Tahoe.Can we listen to this song eleven times?It’s 7:29!That means that 30 is next.T thinks that one hundred and ten comes after thirty-nine.But it doesn’t.He’s wrong.Can you cover me?Watch this!I like bacon.It smells sweet.Rembmer when you crashed at Wal-Mart?”

And on and on. And on. If you take a look, you will notice that most of these sentences end with a question mark. You will also notice that there is no space after the question mark for a response. When he first started to do this, I would annoy me to no end. But then I realized that he’s just talking to hear himself talk, and I let him talk.

Some days I love it. I love his curiosity and excitement about life. And some days I want to say BE QUIET. BECAUSE IF I HEAR ANOTHER SOUND COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH I’M GOING TO CHOKE MYSELF.


John said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone. :-)