Monday, April 28, 2008

Should I Quit?

It’s no secret that I. Hate. My. Job. You’re probably sick of hearing about it. I hate it with a passion. It’s like my job to hate my job. Why not leave then? Seems like a fairly simple solution to quite a horrible situation.

This quote describes my current feelings: “If you think you’re underpaid and unappreciated, chances are you aren’t giving 100 percent. Consciously or not, many employees try to ‘balance the scales’ to ensure that what they give the employer is equal to what the employer gives them. According to Louis V. Imundo, author of ‘The Effective Supervisor's Handbook,’ when the negatives of a job outweigh the positives, ‘employees may put less effort into their jobs, be absent more frequently, be careless or psychologically withdraw from work while being physically present.’”

Have I found a possible way out? Let's see.

My dad is currently running a successful business and I’m 99% sure he would let me come work for him. Here are the pros and cons.

Cons: I’ll do the cons first so that the last thing you read is the pros and you are left thinking of the positive things and are most likely to tell me what I want to hear, which is YES QUIT YOUR JOB AND GO WORK FOR YOUR DAD.

Con #1: Money not guaranteed. I would basically be an independent consultant, which means I would not receive the traditional paycheck. I receive money based on how many “deals” I make. That is a little scary for a person who has lived off of guaranteed salary for eleven years (ever since I started working). It is also scary right now because The Man has no guaranteed income.

Con #2: Working for family. I love my dad, but let’s face it; we both have our flaws and have certainly gotten on each other’s nerves in the past. I wouldn’t want to risk damaging our relationship.

Con #3: Health insurance goes away. My company currently provides health benefits for The Boy and me.

Con #4: No “vacation/sick” days. If I don’t work one day, I don’t get paid that day. The term “time is money” has an all new meaning.

Pros: Don’t forget – pay extra close attention to these.

Pro #1: If I make the kind of money my dad is saying I could make, I could make more money in twelve weeks than I grossed in all of 2007.

Pro #2: I could potentially work five hours a day instead of nine (eight hours, plus one hour for lunch), which would leave me time to pursue other things and give me time to discover my passion. This also would allow me more time to spend with my family, spend more time with myself, taking care of myself, which I am in desperate need of. This would also allow me more time and energy to spend volunteering, either in The Boy’s class, in the community, or at church.

Pro #3: Flexible schedule. I would be making appointments around my schedule. So if The Boy had something going on at school or needed to go to the doctor, I could take him without missing work. And although I may not have “official” sick time or vacation time, I would have the flexibility to take time off whenever I wanted to.

Pro #4: Being an independent consultant, I would not be working near my dad. I would be working out of my home, a safe distance from my father, so we could keep the necessary boundaries to maintain our relationship.

Pro #5: Although my employer provides insurance, they do not GIVE it to us. I have to pay quite a lot for the insurance I receive (deducted from my paycheck), and I am sure I could find a health insurance plan for our entire family at least for the same cost I am paying right now.

Pro #6: Being my own boss. I could only complain about MYSELF!!! I would become Female Boss, and I would drop the other Female Boss, Quiet Boss, Boss Man, CEO Boss, and the entire depressing environment at the office. Believe it or not, I am a fairly happy person, which is why it frustrates me to no end that I am unhappy every day.

Pro #7: Saving money. If I chose, I could save money on gas, on eating out food, and on my work clothing budget.

If I give my two week notice this Friday (May 2nd), I could start working for my dad on Monday, May 19th. The Man could theoretically hear from the company he interviewed with by then and know what’s going on with that. Until then, he is probably going to be working for my dad also.

Have I left out anything? What do you think?


Catherine said...

Four cons versus SEVEN pros... and one of them is working for yourself?!

I'm thinking *I* wanna go work for you dad!! ;)

Lance said...

Do what you love and the rest falls into place.