Friday, April 11, 2008

Website Review: Netflix

Netflix is so much better than the Blockbuster stores. Everything is done by mail so I don’t have to go into any store. I can do everything online, which is what is most convenient for our family. We signed up to have two movies out at a time. I like this because then The Man can get something that he likes and I can get something that I like. Or we can agree on something and get something else for The Boy. It’s a good price, we aren’t overwhelmed by having a million (okay, three) movies at our house at one time, but one would not be enough. Those are all options, though, so Netflix is great for offering flexible options for the versatile families that are out there.

I rent workout videos before I buy them. There are so many cheesy, useless workout DVDs out there. By renting them I know if I like the host and if the workout works for me. Also, it’s a great way to have variety in my workout. I never looked at Blockbuster, mainly because I did not know if they had workout videos, but you could do this with them, too I suppose.

I can put a movie that I’ve watched over the weekend into the mail on Monday, and I will get my next movie in the mail on Wednesday.

The greatest thing is that Netflix has a queue where it keeps my brain. Whenever we would go to Blockbuster, I would leave my brain at home. Seriously, who has room up there to remember all of the movies I have ever been interested in seeing? Unless I keep a written list and carry it with me where ever I go on the off chance we might go to Blockbuster (P.S. TOTALLY something my mom would do. She actually might do that. Also something I might do if I weren’t so lazy and technologically inclined). With Netflix, you can save movies into your queue so you never forget that you wanted to see that movie (at one point in your life). You can also rearrange them so that if you are in fact not in the mood to see the horror movie that is currently at the top of your queue, then you can change the numbers so that you can instead have a romantic comedy come to the house for date weekend.

One warning about your queue: If you share your username and password with other people in your family, they will be able to manipulate the queue, so you should set some ground rules, like check with The Wife before you change the movie queue, lest anyone get upset about not receiving the movie she was expecting.

There are a lot of other options on Netflix that I have not mentioned because we do not use those features. One of them is that each member of your family can have a “sub account” where if you are permitted to have three movies out at one time, then you control one movie, husband controls another movie, and teenage son controls last movie. That way you each have your own queue (and avoid above mentioned situation).

*Please note that I have no affiliation with Netflix, nor have they asked me to promote their site. In fact, they do not know that I am writing this review and I hope I wasn't supposed to ask permission first!

However, if you do want to pay me to review a product or service; I would be happy to do it! Send me an e-mail at rubialala at gmail dot com.