Friday, April 11, 2008

Website Review: Twitter

Twitter is my newest obsession. I don’t love it more than blogging, but probably about the same. I love to blog, but on days when I am not in the mood, Twittering is just right. And my tweets show up on my blog, too, so my peeps (well, just one peep, actually) can see what I’m up to.

“Micro-blogging” is what it’s called. You just type in your random thoughts, ideas, feelings, what you are doing, and you have to do it in 140 characters or less. If you find other people on Twitter, either people you know in real life, or authors of other blogs you like to read, then you can “Follow” them and their tweets will show up on your main Twitter page. Then you can read what everyone is up to.

If you want to see what EVERYONE in the entire world is up to, just go to the Public Timeline and you will truly see what everyone in the Twitter world is saying.

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*Please note that I have no affiliation with Netflix, nor have they asked me to promote their site. In fact, they do not know that I am writing this review and I hope I wasn't supposed to ask permission first!

However, if you do want to pay me to review a product or service; I would be happy to do it! Send me an e-mail at rubialala at gmail dot com.