Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wit Escapes Her

On Monday, I threw some literary vomit onto a blank document in Word. I knew it was garbage when I wrote it. I was out of sorts, and I knew there was no way any of that could be re-written to be interesting or resemble the tolerable writing I normally churn out. So I posted it anyway.

Since then, I have pretty much felt the same way. Uninspired, or forgetting the events of something funny that The Boy said or did. I have taken this time as an opportunity to shut up and catch up on reading the million other blogs I love, and have found myself coming up with some fairly witty comments. To those of you who have received a comment from me this week, you should feel honored and flattered. Honored because you are in receipt of the cleverest thoughts my brain was able to come up with this week, and flattered because you were able to rouse such a response through your writing and experiences.

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I acknowledge the bestowment of this honor!