Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Boy Who Knows EVERYTHING

I thought it would take longer before I was a Stupid Parent. I thought The Boy would at least be a tween, and maybe even a teen, before he started knowing more than me. We must have a genius on our hands, because he is only five and already he is more intelligent than The Man and I put together.

The Boy: “Mom, what’s 4 plus 4?”
Me: “8.”
The Boy: “No, it’s 44.”

The Boy: “Dad, how much does this cost?”
The Man: “Thirty dollars.”
The Boy: “No, it’s twenty-five dollars.”

And I can only imagine that Einstein would be able to follow this logic, because it is completely beyond my comprehension:

“So when we go to the baseball game there are bad guys but there aren’t really bad guys and then if we win we don’t really win but we win and there are fireworks after the game and I used to be scared of fireworks but now I’m not scared I just don’t like them because they are loud but they aren’t really loud because they are far away but they aren’t really far away.”