Sunday, May 11, 2008


I love things that are not perfect. I love a vase with a chunk of porcelain chipped out because it was dropped. Or a crystal clear drinking glass with a lump in it where the glass isn't even. Those are what make the items unique and what gives them character.

People are like that and I love people's flaws. I talk about being crazy and abnormal, but I really like those things about me. It's what makes me who I am and it's why The Man loves me. Also, living in the reality of that fact makes it easier to raise The Boy and it makes us better parents. Yes, Hunny Bear, we are not perfect, but let's accept that and continue to work on those imperfections so that we can be the best imperfect version of ourselves.

The Boy has a freckle behind his right ear. Freckles aren't necessarily an "flaw," but he doesn't have very many and I love that I know this mark on him.

The Man is a confidence maniac, aka HE HAS A GIANT EGO. But I like his ego (Darling, I need you to stop reading now lest your very large head get even larger). I like that he is confident because I have really low self esteem so we balance each other. He brings me up and I bring him down (that doesn't sound nice, but really it's just keeping him in check). If we both had pitiful personalities, I don't think we would be very much fun. It would go like this:

Me: "I feel stupid."
The Man: "I feel stupid, too."
Me: "You are stupid."
The Man: "So are you."

Who wants to have THAT at their party?!? Nobody. I am thankful that it goes like this instead:

Me: "I'm fat."
The Man: "No you aren't. You're hot."
Me: "Thanks babe! So are you."
The Man: "I know."

This flaw that he has actually makes me laugh and gives me a higher sense of worth. Why would this guy who thinks he is awesome spend all this time with me if I weren't at least a little bit awesome?

The windshield of our car has two chinks in it. I think we got them about a year apart and I have prayed so hard that they would not spider across the glass. Not because I don't want to spend the money replacing the windshield (I don't), but because I love those two chinks. Every time I see them I remember how valuable something can be even though it is slightly damaged. The glass still serves us with the need we have to protect us from the outside elements as we drive. It doesn't have to be flawless to do it's job, and neither do we.