Monday, May 19, 2008

Extreme Not Paying Attention

The Boy has turned not paying attention into a sport. An extreme sport. He could win in the Olympic event of Not Paying Attention.

Sometimes he’s in a zone watching television and fails to realize that we are speaking to him. I get that. Sometimes he is off in La-La Land and fails to see the corner of the car door and runs right into it. I even get that. But those are just Bronze Medal worthy examples compared to what he did yesterday.

I was in the shower and he comes in and says he has to go potty. I hear him lift the lid and I hear him flush and then he leaves. A few second later he comes in and says he needs to change his shorts because they are wet. I peeked out of the shower and said, “How did they get wet?” I saw that the crotch area was soaked and I said, “Didn’t you just go potty? Where were you sitting when this happened?” He said he wasn’t sitting anywhere and assured me nothing in my bedroom or his bedroom was wet (I checked later and nothing was wet). He said he didn’t know how this happened because he just went potty in the toilet. I asked him if he forgot to pull down his shorts before he went potty. He thought for a second and then said yes. So he basically just stood in front of the toilet and peed in his shorts! And he didn’t even realize it until after he flushed, left the bathroom, and who knows what else he did before he’s like, Oh! My shorts are sopping wet and it’s a LITTLE uncomfortable. Seriously, dude, what the heck are you thinking about?!?

THAT is Gold Medal material.