Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leap of Faith

Yesterday was the first day in his entire five years of life that The Boy stayed with The Man’s parents all by himself. Not because they aren’t good people, or they live far away, but because they never respected our wishes regarding one issue.

We would ask them over and over to do one thing (or NOT do one thing actually), and they flat out refused. They recently moved out of their old, yucky house, and they moved into an old, clean and fresh-smelling, LEASED house. Where there are rules that you have to live by, or you don’t get to keep living there and would then be homeless. Do I like that they don’t love our family enough to not do what we ask when we ask it, but to only do it when a stranger who controls the roof over their head? No. This is a sore point for me so I am not going to discuss it any further here because it’s not the point of this post (and I feel my blood starting to boil…okay, deeeeeeeeep breath).

What IS the point of this post is that I was a little (okay, a lot) freaked out that we had no other alternative than to let The Boy stay with The In-Laws by himself. But he was safe and had a lot of fun and after babysitting time was over, The Mother-In-Law made lunch for The Boy and The Man.

This all happened yesterday and I wasn’t stressing about it yesterday. At all. I was actually at peace about it. Maybe because I was more focused on this. Plus, I figure The Man turned out waaaaaaaaay better than I did, so it has to be better than letting my parents watch them. Which they do. A lot. Maybe I should start freaking out about that. Or at least saving for his own therapy sessions.


An Ordinary Mom said...

It is always hard when friends and relatives don't respect your wishes as a parent. However, it sounds like things will improve now ... we hope?!?