Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Living On Severance: Day ???

The severance comes to an end on May 15th. That is in nine days. From today. Nine. Days. That is really scary. Technically, we have our “stimulus” check, but we were originally intending to use it for the purpose of stimulating the economy by going to Disneyland. I honestly do not see that happening right now. That would mean that The Man would have to find a job paying equal or more than what he was making at his last job in the next NINE DAYS (no pressure honey).

I hate this whole thing because I am trying very hard to be an understanding wife and not a controlling wife, or just a controlling person in general. Because that is my nature – to control everything. So it is very difficult for me not to search all job sites a million times a day and go over our budget a million times a day and constantly think about services that we could live without in order to save money. It is difficult for me to not ask The Man every day, Did you find any jobs today? Did you look for jobs other than architecture or music? Because I don’t care where the money is coming from and why shouldn’t you look for jobs at McDonald’s or Lady Footlocker if it means you will be getting a paycheck? I forget that I hate my job so much and I would never wish for anyone (well, maybe my worst enemy), especially not The Man, to hate their job as much as I hate mine. And that is what a job at McDonald’s or Lady Footlocker would be for him – a yucky job that he hates. And that’s just not fair.

I also hate that it is so tense of a time that when The Man says “I’m going to do X.” and then he doesn’t do X and I ask him, “Hey are you still going to do X?” his response is, “Did you just CALL ME LAZY?” Because in a normal situation that would not be his response. And in a normal situation if that was his response I would reply, “Are you CRAZY?” But I can’t yell back at him because I know he’s stressed out just like I am and that kind of response would be completely unproductive. So I am thinking about these things before I respond. I have seen the fruits of my labor though because we haven’t had nearly as many fights about this topic as I thought we would have. Look at us; we’re growing.

Do you know what would be nice? Is if in the next nine days we could figure out how to make the world stop revolving around money. Can you guys work on that for me? Thanks.


Kelvin Kao said...

I hope you don't struggle too much financially. As for The Man, if he is already stressed out, it's probably better to refrain from giving him more stress. Stress probably doesn't help out too much when it comes to interviews.