Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look At Me, I’m Growing

I gave a friend advice on how to deal with her friend. My friend believes in the “fatal flaw” style of friendship. It’s a wonder she and I are still friends with each other. Anyway, she came to me about her friend and I told her:

“This seems like an over the top friendly e-mail. You might just have to take her word for it and if she says she's fine, then believe she is fine. Yes she said she felt abandoned. Maybe she did that day and maybe she's over it now. Try to be nice to her, you might see that she's being genuine, and your feelings might change. If not, you can be done with her after her wedding.

Look at me, I'm becoming a big softy. Is that going to be my fatal flaw - no longer a hard ass?!?”

Her response:

“HELLO! What happened to my friend??? You softy!!!

Remember ......I liked you because you are mean. LOL

Okay, I'll give her a shot and see how things are between us in person. Seriously, I was reading your email and thought........"I can't believe she's saying this?" LMAO”

My response:

“Two years in therapy will do that to you. Look at me; I'm growing.

Ha! Okay, here's the hard ass answer if you really need it:

She is being TOTALLY fake. Kick her ass out of your wedding. In fact, don't let her come to the wedding at all. Tell her off and then never speak to her again and tell everyone you know what a bitch she is. And, what night are you free? We'll slash her tires while she's sleeping.

Seriously, though. If you are going to see how things are in person, you can't be LOOKING for her to act weird. You could read weird into anything if you were trying to. You have to truly act as if everything is okay and let her respond naturally.”

Her response:

“Ok ok.....I will do my best.

But, seriously that will be hard for me. hahaha

I don't believe she wrote me back and I didn't get it. Not buying that one...
I seriously think she was mad, but after the last email I sent, she decided to drop it and be nice to me. Cuz she is totally singing a different tune than before.

Man.....I am such a bitch. OK OK......try to let it go~!!!!!!!”

Me again:

“I don't believe she wrote you back either. And I think she was mad but has gotten over it since then. I know it will be hard, but give it your best shot. That's all you can do and if it doesn't work then you don't have to be friends with her. And then I'll hate her with you.”

The best part? I REALLY MEAN IT. I’m not just saying those things. I don’t even know this chick, and I’m defending her actions towards my friend. Wow. I made myself speechless.